The Start

Natural Dyes? I’ve heard about them for years. And, I’ve done a few. Then I attended an exciting workshop and it’s turned me around. Now, I’m focussing on dyeing with natural/sustainable materials. The workshop was held at Shakerag on the grounds of St. Andrews/Sewanee in Tennessee. The title: Dyeing with Plants: 7 experiments. The teacher was the talented and very energetic Michel Garcia.

Michel brings a background of botany and chemistry, with an insatiable curiosity to dyeing and printing on textiles. Find him, take a class or at the very least, get his DVD…you’ll learn so much!!

There are lots of dye materials that are close at hand and I’m looking for all of them. In my backyard is my starting point, but I’ll be including material close to hand. On my dog walks. On drives. Some are successes…some not so. And, I want to use the more exotic dye materials that are gathered/grown in faraway places.  Where is your backyard?  Mine is in Fairfield, Ohio, US.

Let’s get dyeing.  Let me know the results of YOUR dye pots!!


4 thoughts on “The Start

  1. Moya,
    How exciting to reaD your blog!
    I discovered it through Catherine Ellis email.
    You go girl.
    I am doing some goldenrod right now.

  2. Michel has introduced me to the natural dyes … But up to now, I have not started my own ones … Do you know “couleur Garance” in Lauris in France ? There will be an international show there mid October … Would be nice to meet there …..

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