Rainbow Dyed


Series of fabric dyed in colors of the rainbow

Series of fabric dyed in colors of the rainbow

With the recent event in Orlando, I wanted to do a Rainbow project to honor the resiliency of the LGBT movement.

First step for this project was to dye a series of fabrics in the color wheel series of colors.

I used fabric that is printed white on white.  The fabric paint that is printed on the fabric (white paint) acts as a resist to the dye.  The white dots are barely visible before dyeing.  After dyeing, the dots stand out!

Rainbow shirt

Rainbow shirt

Next I stitched up the fabric to turn it into a summery shirt.

The fabric pieces were cut in half. The ends of the fabric were backed and then added as a decorative edge.

I used Butterick 5948 for the shirt–leaving the good folks at Butterick in charge of size and basic style. I did make a few changes.

I started by sewing long strips and then I cut out the pattern pieces.  The neck is enlarged a bit, then it was bound.  I modified the sleeves to be capped.  The length was shortened and the end fabric pieces were lined and then sewn to the bottom edge.

This series of dyed fabric will do double-duty as it became the header of the blog!