Duck and Denim

Dyed and Denim Jacket

Dyed and Denim Jacket

My new dyed jacket is a combination of hand-dyed duck* cloth and upcycled denim*.

The dyed part uses a shibori folded method…it’s a two part process.  The first dye gives the color splotches and the folding gives the blue lines.

It’s made using Vogue pattern 9153.

*Duck is from the dutch doek or “linen canvas”.   And denim?  That’s jean material, aka serge de Nîmes or twill from Nîmes in France.

Silk Striped shirt

Silk Stripe

Silky Stripes…uses a fun of silk fabrics and a lovely chambray shirt that I promptly cut up for (part of) the sleeves and the collar.

I used Butterick pattern 5218 for this shirt.

Both of these (jacket and shirt) were made with french/flat felled seams.  Sometimes, I line the garment. Or I serge.  With the number of pieces of fabric that I put in the crazy garments I do something to stop the fabric from fraying away.



Zippy Jackets to De-Stash

De-Stash!!  That’s my new mission.  Pull out that fabric and use it.  Some fabric is hand-dyed/printed/tied and some is commercial.  Some big pieces and some small.  Most are pieced–like a quilt, I combine fabrics helping them play well with others!

Indigo ikat woven

Peppy Blue

Two zipper-front jackets used different fabrics for different effects.

Peppy Blue was made with a combination of cotton fabrics.  The body of the jacket was handwoven using ikat-indigo dyed yarn.  Ikat gives the white areas–that’s where the yarn was tied so the indigo couldn’t get in.  The handwoven is soft and has a nice drape.  The sleeves are commercial, also indigo dyed.

The jacket is zipper front–the white zipper works well with the ikat white spots.

Marcy Tilton V8779


The pattern that I used was from Vogue-Marcy Tilton.  #8779  It’s a great pattern–looks boxey, but with the right fabric it makes a fun, jacket with different fits/drapes.  Unfortunately, it’s now out of print (:

Because of the loose structure of the Bias Bindinghandwoven fabric, I finished some of the Peppy Blue seams with bias binding.


Print and Upcycled denim

Basic Shapes

Another jacket with a different look is Basic Shapes.

I had a good sized piece of a fabric that I had printed in a workshop.  It sat in the stash box for years–too fun to throw, but not right for any project that was at hand.

I used the same pattern (V8779) and paired the printed fabric with denim.  I have a project that needed lots of denim–so I purchased used jeans from my local consignment/thrift store.  Now I have a big pile.

So, they’re going into clothing.  Cut and pieced.  One of the fronts I sewed with “outie” seams that I clipped.  After washing, the seams fuzz up–like chenille.  I modified the jacket a bit.  I like longer jackets (to cover my butt when I’m wearing leggings) but it was a bit long in the front, so I made a circular cut in the front.  Yup it’s shorter in the front–but not so visible in my pic.

This jacket is lined–that’s my choice when there are lots of seams.