Sharp(ie) Flowers

A Moya shirt made fullsizerender-3with dyed and printed fabric.

I’ve been experimenting with other ways to add color.  There are wonderful black on white fabric, some with large flowers.  I used Sharpie pens here.  Quick to color and definitely permanent!

The button is a found pebble with a hole–like a geode without the sparkle.



Back of sharpie shirt

Back of sharpie shirt

Here’s a view of the back.

Several printed fabrics were included…dyed over white or gold on white fabric.

The fabric is a gold print of palm trees–makes me think of the South Carolina icon.

Someone saw my newest shirt and said that it looked like me.  (Hummmm.  They assured me that this was a good thing.)

Front (closed) of sharpie shirt

Front (closed) of sharpie shirt




Another view of the front, with the overlay closed–overlay sounds better than flap 🙂







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