Purple plus vest and blouse


Purple plus...vest and blouse

Purple plus…vest and blouse

Purple plus is a combination of vest and blouse.  It’s for a class that’s an introduction to scrapping for commercial garments.  The class will be on making the vest–using multiple fabrics to make new cloth.  Then making a garment from that cloth.

The vest is like a scarf, adding some color and pattern.


Purple blouse


The blouse is scrappier and combines more pieces.  The fabrics are mostly batiks.

I know they’re batik because I could smell the wax as I worked with them!
Purple plus vest and blouseI worked on this using my newest toy…I should give the dress form a name.  Mable??  She comes with lots of dials.  We have innie and outie belly buttons, Mable has a dialie.

I bought this from a Craigslist ad–I was a bit concerned about CL serial murders.  We’ve all heard about them.  So I called a friend as I arrived at the seller’s house and asked that she call out the troops if she hadn’t heard from me shortly.  I went to the door and the seller met me and then took me to her car where the dress form had been placed.  SHE was worried about CL serial murderers and had opted to meet me outside.  We both had a good laugh at our respective and effective strategies.

The blouse is made using Butterick 5948.  The vest is made using a home made pattern but any simple pattern would work well, like McCall’s M7290.  Come take the class at Seams Sew Easy!




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