Summery shirts

Dipping into the stash bag is my favorite source for scrappy clothes. And, it’s a great way to use small pieces of fabric that I get from experimenting with dyeing.  Play with colors and techniques and use the results.

FIshy Fishy

FIshy Fishy Front

Fishy Fishy is a summery top with cap sleeves, shaped lower hem and stamps, stencils and shibori prints.


Fishy Fish Back view








Red Stripes-Front view

Red Stripes-Front view

Red stripes is an early version of the summery top.  It’s a simpler collage and includes a piece dyed with coreopsis–a natural dye.

Red Stripes - Back view

Red Stripes – Back view








Moonscape - front view

Moonscape – front view

I cut in a big circle to put a motif in the center of the shirt.

Moonscape - back view

Moonscape – back view








Orange shibori front

Orange shibori front

The first of the summery series.  The shibori (donut fold) is one of my favorites.  But, the shirt has too many parts–it’s the last time I put in separate sleeves.

Orange shibori back view

Orange shibori back view







Adding shapes to the body of the shirt and the lower hem were the goals of this series of shirts.


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