Under the Sea


Under the Sea

Under the Sea

Under the Sea has the blues and greens reminding me of tropical water.

I found a series of blues and greens– all hand-dyed pieces.  Some are patterned with shibori techniques and some are done with white on white printed fabric.  The dots are done with small clamps.  The white print/paint acts as a resist–that’s the circles.

Under the Sea

Under the Sea

I like to have pockets…the side seams were sewn up when I remembered.  So, I made up a couple pockets using some triangular scraps.

The back has lighter green pieces and more vertical stripes.




Finding Dory

Finding Dory

Using the same pattern (Butterick 6171,) I incorporated fishy fabrics in Finding Dory.

I made up this shirt for a Fitton Center event which used Finding Dory as the theme.




Finding Dory

Finding Dory

There’s a mixture of commercial fabrics and dyed pieces…the fish fabrics were leftovers from a project that I did for my great nieces who live in Florida.  The sleeve is indigo dyed with a shibori fold.

I couldn’t decide whether I liked one side or the other best, so I put pockets on both sides!





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