Duck and Denim

Dyed and Denim Jacket

Dyed and Denim Jacket

My new dyed jacket is a combination of hand-dyed duck* cloth and upcycled denim*.

The dyed part uses a shibori folded method…it’s a two part process.  The first dye gives the color splotches and the folding gives the blue lines.

It’s made using Vogue pattern 9153.

*Duck is from the dutch doek or “linen canvas”.   And denim?  That’s jean material, aka serge de Nîmes or twill from Nîmes in France.

Silk Striped shirt

Silk Stripe

Silky Stripes…uses a fun of silk fabrics and a lovely chambray shirt that I promptly cut up for (part of) the sleeves and the collar.

I used Butterick pattern 5218 for this shirt.

Both of these (jacket and shirt) were made with french/flat felled seams.  Sometimes, I line the garment. Or I serge.  With the number of pieces of fabric that I put in the crazy garments I do something to stop the fabric from fraying away.



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