Pieced pieces, naturally!

More pieced pieces…using small shibori’d squares dyed using natural dyes–many  from my backyard.

I call this one my Dandy Blouse because it’s dyed with dandelions.  I must be the only person in my neighborhood who welcomes the bright yellow sign of spring!

Dandelion, indigo and coreopsis shibori blouse

Dandelion, indigo and coreopsis shibori blouse

There are various shibori/folding techniques dyed with dandelion flowers on the left side of the Dandy Blouse.  Mostly “spider circles.”  One square is dandelion over-dyed with indigo to give a light green color.

The right wide is bolder, indigo dyed.  Mostly from folded piece, with squares and triangles. The folds give great contrast with the dark blue and white.  The collar was done with a scrunchy fold, called the donut; that’s one of my favorite folds.



How about this for an urban cowgirl!  Rarin’ to go!

Honeysuckle and indigo jacket

Honeysuckle and indigo jacket

The pieces for this jacket were dyed with honeysuckle (the leaves) and indigo.

The right side is a different version of the folded technique–squares and triangles.

Indigo with clamped resist

On the left sleeve, there are white marks remained after using small clamps.  And, the collar and right sleeve were pole (arashi) wrapped.

The fringe has beads–to give some bling and weight!


And, of course, Happy appears when the camera comes out.  Her shadow looks like a terrier!! But, she’s pure “Happy dog!”Happy's rarin to go, too!





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