Beet it!

Yesterday, I cooked up a pot of beet waterbeets and that red/purple water was so inviting.  Not for a swim-dip, but for a dye-dip!  I put in a piece of treated cotton (treated with aluminum acetate.)  And, yum…the fabric turned a lovely pink shade.

Great!!  I’m loving this!

For the final step, I rinsed the excess.  And.  Aaaargh…the pink went down the drain.  Leaving my fabric barely colored.  This is what they mean by fugitive color–it runs away!!

Ah well, I dipped it again, dried it, without a rinse.  I’ve been working with beeswax/encaustic to preserve fabric collages.  This will be a great candidate.  Anyway, the beets were great eating!!

My friend Deb suggested using eggplant–the nice purple one.  I’ll be trying that for dyeing soon!



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