Bidens or Coreopsis

With the winter that we’ve had,Bidens Sun Drop I’m eager to get out in the garden and add some color.  I stopped at a local nursery and found this delightful plant, Bidens–Sun Drop.  It’s new to me…looks like a Potentilla or daisy or aster.  What attracted me was the sunny yellow color.

It’s described as an annual that likes full sun.  And, it found a nice home in the front of the house.

But, surely, it’s more than a pretty face, so I put it to work!!   I grabbed a few flowers.  My expectation was low, maybe some backyard yellow.  And, to my surprise…

Sun Drop

My favorite coreopsis orange.  WAHOO!!  So, I went to the source of all information (not t.h.e. oracle, but t.h.e. google) and there’s some indication that this plant is related to the coreopsis.  It has a leaf that’s close to Moonbeam c., but a flower that’s like Tickseed c.

Whichever…it’s a new favorite of mine!!



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