Pomegranate and onion

Not normally friends, but pomegranate and onion work well on fabric!

This piece was done with onions.  The onion was painted on with thicker iron “paint”; then the piece was dip/vat dyed in onion dye.  I’ve been taking a class in color/drawing and and learning all kinds of things about drawing and color techniques.

Onion and pastels

Onion and pastels

After putting on the onion image, I used pastel to add color.  Experimenting with the shading/layering techniques.  The pastel chalk goes on the fabric easily and then is stabilized with acrylic medium.

Pomegranate still life

The other fabric used pomegranate rind for dyeing.  The fabric was wrapped and then dipped in the pomegranate dye.

Pomegranate shibori

Pomegranate shibori

I was impatient to see the results and I unwrapped it when the fabric was still wet.  Then I stopped and waited until the whole piece had dried.  The top part of the fabric is the part that dryer while still tied…there’s more contrast between the hills and the valleys.  The lower part of the piece was unwrapped first…the dye bled and the color is darker and more spread/generalized.


2 thoughts on “Pomegranate and onion

  1. Beautiful results! I love, love the combo of dye and pastels. Very good info to fix with acrylic .
    The pomegranate shibori dyed is the best golden yellow. Very beautiful too.

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