Ooops!!  This isn’t about natural/backyard dyes.

Ooops!!  Almost thought the towel was ruined…

Bleeding dye

The rest of the story…I was using this lovely towel.  It’s handwoven cotton, with an accent row of trees.  I was drying dishes and the towel got wet.  The green from the trees started to bleed.  It was at the top of the trees…green sky?  Definitely not what the weaver had in mind…

What to do??  I soaked it in hot water with Dawn.  I rubbed and soaked.  And, kept repeating.  And, WAHOO the extra green was gone.

I’ve given this advice over the years and I’m excited to say that it worked.   With cotton, the last step in the dye process is to “wash” in hot water with Synthrapol, or Dawn.  The extra/unfixed dye molecules are lifted away from the fiber and washed out.  I’ve heard it.  I’ve said it.  I’ve done it.  Now, I know… IT WORKS!!






2 thoughts on “Oops!

  1. Lovely piece of weaving I might add! Yes, I agree. I have stood there a wishing and a hoping
    And out it came! Good to pass the word!

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