Avocado and red cabbage

Thanks for the hint, Judy!!  I tried avocado and got some amazing results. This isn’t my first discussion about avocado with Judy.  A year ago, we attended a potluck and we were on the clean-up detail.   I had heard about the dye possibilities of avocado I and wanted to try them out so I graciously offered to take the avocado pits home.  Surprisingly, I got push back!!  Judy had heard it too.  I let her win 🙂  So, a year later, I finally try out the avocado!

Avocado print

Avocado print

And some mixed results.   The best results were printing.  I used a piece of fabric that I had been working with.  It had honeysuckle/ backyard yellow.  And indigo over dyed.  I put on some print paste and dipped it into the avocado bath.  The “bright” print paste (only alum) gave a strong reddish brown.  The darker color comes from a ferrous/iron paste.  The background resulted in a

Avocado over honeysuckle and indigo


slightly orange hue.  Here’s a picture of the original fabric and how it looks with the avocado overdye.  My first test used the skin and pit (stronger when I chopped up the pit) from one avocado.  For this try, I used 4 avocados.  And, added soda ash to increase the ph level.

Avocado shibori

Avocado shibori

I also did “shibori dip” into the avocado pot on a plain white fabric.  Nice color and pattern, but light.

Volunteer for clean-up duty at a Superbowl party–you’re sure to score some avocados!!  (Unless you go up against Judy!!)

Red cabbage

Red cabbage


My other test was red cabbage.  At first the dye liquid and fabric was a lavender.  So, I added soda ash.  The water turned green and at first the fabric was yellow but when it dried it turned light brown.




3 thoughts on “Avocado and red cabbage

  1. I did not realize I kept you from trying avocado earlier, so sorry and I’m glad you did it now! Some very nice results, too. Thanks for putting out the word for me – maybe I’ll score more pits and peels this year!

    As for red cabbage, try another batch with vinegar – go acidic and lower the pH.

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