Kitchen Dyeing: Beets and Artichokes

My backyard is all snow.  And, frozen.  So, what else is available?  There is dye potential in my fridge.  But, being a frugal person, I prefer to eat what’s there.  So, that leaves rinds and stems and cooking water.

My first experiment is beets.  Golden beets have become more popular…I guess folks prefer to avoid the color of the purple beet.  The taste is fine but what about color?  More than I thought…

Golden Beets on wool

Golden Beets on wool

A pretty golden yellow!!  (The white worm in the center is my sample of undyed wool–that’s where I started.)

Artichoke on cotton

Artichoke on cotton

And my second experiment?  Artichokes. If you look reallllllllly carefully, there’s a touch of green.  The water turned a bit yellow/green after I added some soda ash to push up the alkalinity.  But there wasn’t enough color to dye the cotton swatch.


3 thoughts on “Kitchen Dyeing: Beets and Artichokes

  1. The golden beets made a nice yellow!
    This gave me an idea…… I’ve been doing a lot of juicing this winter. I should be taking the pulp and wrapping it up in fabric, instead of throwing it into the compost! I might get some interesting color!!

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