Black Walnut on cotton and wool

Those pesky squirrels and I are still sharing the black walnuts.  And here are more results.

On the left is alpaca locks and on the right is hand spun wool from a sheep…maybe a blue-faced leicester.  And, in the middle is cotton, painted with alum.  All three were dipped in black walnut.  And, I love each for different reasons…the cotton goes to a deep color…almost black.  The wool is a nice golden brown and the alpaca is a wonderful chestnut (now to be renamed black walnut) brown.

Black Walnut on cotton and wool

Black Walnut on cotton and wool

For the keen eyes, you’ll see my pumpkins…grown by a plant from last year’s pumpkins.  Wonderful pumpkins with the warty growths that I enjoy.  The pumpkins are temporarily on the back of the house because of a recent theft. I don’t know if it was a two-legged neighbor, or a four-legged one but last week, one of the pumpkins was plucked prematurely from the vine and walked down the street.



4 thoughts on “Black Walnut on cotton and wool

  1. Black walnut with iron turns a great deep black. Ask me how I know…! Love your continued experiments. Just put in two coreopsis plants for future color.

  2. How does black walnut interact with linen? I am thinking of using the black walnut to color curtains for the bedroom, perhaps with leaf imprints in the corners – deep reds and yellow orange.

    • I haven’t used it on linen, but it should be similar to cotton. I mordant the cotton with aluminum acetate and then dye it with black walnut. Adding iron will make it darker/blacker. I’ve been experimenting with varying the ph (raise ph by adding acid, or lower with soda ash). With acid, it’s a bit lighter and a bit more reddish brown. My favorite color is the reddish brown but that was dyeing wool!

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