Printed collages, with natural dyes

This summer, I’ve been playing with printing on fabric and shibori folding.  I pulled some pieces to do a piece to be submit to a show at the Cincinnati Women’s Club that the Weavers Guild is curating.

Fly me to the Moon, front

Fly me to the Moon, front

Fly me to the Moon, back

Fly me to the Moon, back



The dancers and the indigo moon piece suggested the title:  Fly me to the Moon.  The back is a set of two shibori pieces.  All pieces are dyed with natural dyes: indigo, marigold, dandelion, honeysuckle and iron.




This is a bigger piece with more dancers as well as come of the mandelas that I’ve been doing.  And, in case you missed it, there’s a coiled arrow to highlight the dancers!

Around and Around, front

                                                           Around and Around, front

And, the back.  There’s some free-form pieces that didn’t have strong colors, but show the playfulness of the printing technique.  The front is mostly indigo, marigold and iron.  The back has some dandelion and coreopsis.

Around and Around, back

                                                            Around and Around, back

And, of course, Happy wanted to get into the picture!

Happy the Wonder Dog wants to be part of the picture

Happy the Wonder Dog


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