Calendulas and other gardening

Calendulas are a wonderful addition to the garden.  Bright and cheery.

Blooming Calendas

Blooming Calendas

But, not so grand in the dye pot.  I grew the flowers from seeds and finally they’re

Calendula on cotton

blooming.  (That may speak more to my gardening or my garden!)  A boost from some soda ash made the dye more alkaline but the result is pretty weak.

Ah well.  Sometimes the magic works. Other experiments in my garden have been of mixed results.  The marigolds and coreopsis have grown well and I’ve harvested many blooms.  And, if all goes well, the coreopsis will be growing next year.  And, the marigolds will reseed next year.

The safflower plants have give me about a few flowers.  I tested with one bloom and saw some results.  I decided to dry the rest and wait for a grand end-of-season dyepot.  (Grand may turn out to be an overstatement!!)  The alkanet is growing well.  Since the dye comes from the root, that will be another end-of-season dye pot.


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