Pairs and Pairs

Lots of pairs in this one!

Pairs and Pairs

Pairs and Pairs


I pulled together some of the pieces that I’ve been working on this spring.  I’ve been working with printing techniques…here’s a pair of giraffes, that were done with dandelion and iron (ferrous sulfate.)

Holland and Riley

Holland and Riley

Here’s another close-up. A pair of pieces that star the famous pair–my great nieces, Holland and Riley.  These are done with coreopsis, printed.  Partly stenciled and partly hand-lettered.

The center piece is shibori-folded using coreopsis and indigo.

Lots of coreopsis.  Partly because it’s very available in my backyard and mostly because it gives a wonderful orangey-gold.  More color in the vat…but still evident in printing.


Here’s a free form piece that I did using dandelion and iron.  When I turned it upside down, I decided it was an eye to watch over the pairs!


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