Pear and indigo

This was a two step process.  I shibori folded and dipped the fabric in dye “liquor” from an ornamental pear tree which gave the rosy tan.  Then it was refolded and dipped in indigo.  I’m pleased with the layers of color that the over-dipping achieves.

Fold, refold and redye

Fold, refold and redye

Early in the summer, I found a wind-downed pear branch and I was very excited to get a rosy tan color.  I shibori folded this piece of fabric.  To my eye, the result was lovely,  but pale and not very exciting.  So, it went to my stash pile.  (AKA the pile of rejects that I can’t bear to really throw away.)

This week, I’m working on combining dyes. I pulled this piece and thought, how about adding indigo to the pear.  So, I refolded it so that the tan was protected and the indigo went to the white spaces.  I love it.  The indigo dyed unevenly–some dark and some light.  Some white was maintained.  The tan holds it’s own. And, the over dyed parts add some depth and new shapes.

Indigo and Pear

I might have called this the phoenix piece since it was very close to being thrown away…but now it’s a favorite!  Sometimes you get lucky!







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