Marigolds and indigo

Does two make a series?  This is my second blouse done with natural dyes and for this one the half and half are marigolds and indigo.

Marigold and indigo


I collected all the marigolds that were blooming…yellows, oranges in any combination and dyed part of the fabric.  The fabric was linen from a couple of up cycled shirts.  The front is the back and the back is pieced from sleeves and one front–I guess a quilter has to piece somewhere!!

I used an ikat method so that I  could dye in a vat.  The white line is where it was tied.  To dye in the marigold vat, I used plastic and put half in a bag so that it wouldn’t get color when I dipped the whole piece.  Then, I bagged the other half and dipped it in indigo.


2 thoughts on “Marigolds and indigo

  1. Yes, it’s a series! First your coreopsis and cochineal was beautiful. I was surprised how deep the coreopsis was. The dandelion and indigo, so soft and summer like. Thanks for describing your protective process . Very nice!

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