Dyers List R.I.P. (dyerslist-request@list.emich.edu)

No picture today and it seems right.  I want to say goodbye to the Dyers List from Eastern Michigan University.  Back when the List started, the internet was a lot different.  Getting daily text emails was groundbreaking. I was a member for years.  As a lurker,  I read off and on.  I was amused by newcomers who asked questions that we sophisticates had asked years ago.  Why didn’t they read the archive?

And, I was amused by the infrequent tempests.  Someone wrote something that offended or was beyond the pale of the List rules.  And the List administrator (the List Mom) would take the person to task.  Then, many would pile on and take the person to task.  Or, take the List Mom to task.  Sometimes I’d have to read back to see what caused the offense…as it hadn’t pierced my skin.  The last spat was around the improper use of the list to promote business interests.  The commenter was chastised and the pile-up happened.  The administrator had had enough.  And, the list owner had had enough.  And, the Dyers List ended. (The archive is still available: https://list.emich.edu/mailman/private/dyerslist/)

Several years ago, there were comments made by someone well-known in the surface design world who criticized the List because it was only black and white.  She was withdrawing and going to another site where color pictures were enabled.  Today, there are many groups and sites that welcome we fiberholics–I’m a member of SustainableNaturalDyePractice, Weavolution, Ravelry and more.  Now we take for granted that blogs have become commonplace–easy to use, even for techno-novices.

Still the List continued.  I think it was the identification of a community.  We are dyers.  We have our own list.  We had our own DYERS LIST.

I’ll miss the Dyers List.



2 thoughts on “Dyers List R.I.P. (dyerslist-request@list.emich.edu)

  1. You can contact mxdyers-owner@yahoogroups.com. There is a private group called the Yahoo MX Dyers Group. The list owner’s name is Barbara. They recently took on some new members. Many are from the old Dyer’s List. You can say you heard about the list from Johanna Fritz, if you like. Not sure if they are taking new members. We have dyers who are business people, hobbyists, professional artists, and beginners. It is strictly Procion MX discussion only. We talk about anything that can be done with that dye on cotton, silk etc. There is a bulk fabric buy twice a year and an ugly fabric challenge twice a year where we are challenged to change fabric that we receive and post process photos so all can learn. I miss the dyer’s list too, but this is a much more powerful platform.

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