Coreopsis 2

A new find…a wonderful rich golden orange from a new coreopsis plant!

Last year, I enjoyed plants from my backyard foraging (including the coreopsis deadheads collected from my neighbor.)  So, this year, I decided to plant some of my favorites.  Marigolds, coreopsis, safflower, alkanet, madder.  And, I’m trying calendula.  One of the challenges of dyeing from the backyard…there’s a lot of variety of plants.  So, I’ve been collecting coreopsis from the local plant sources.  This morning I picked the first of the (tickseed) coreopsis purchased from Lakeside Nursery.

Coreopsis swatch

Coreopsis swatch


Coreopsis Dye Pot

Coreopsis Dye Pot


Here’s the coreopsis that got me excited last year.  And, the dye pot.  (Looks like veggie soup!!)


And, this is my first test of the new coreopsis:



WOWSER!!  A whole different ball park…this reminds me of the oranges colors from India…here’s a sample garment.



4 thoughts on “Coreopsis 2

  1. Great color! now, is it the specific plant or the first blooming or the condition of your water? I just cooked up some palm leaves from church for making paper and have a cool yellow I didn’t get from last years leaves.

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