Yellow Quilts

My friend Barb enlisted my help in finishing off a section of quilt that her grandmother had started.  Barb had started hand quilting and even though I generally use my machine for quilting, grandma’s quilt demanded hand work so I continued.  Barb was pleased with the result and the quilt hangs in their reading room.

Barb's quilt section

Barb’s quilt section

I worked and pondered it for a couple weeks.  I enjoyed the colors–the darker squares are certainly garment scraps and some are quite faded.  The white parts are not uniformly white; I think that some may be flour sacks and there are indications of those spots (maybe acid marks?) that one sees on  older quilts.  And, the yellow/gold seems appropriate for a vintage quilt.  I’m not sure of the quilt pattern…I would call it a variation on a drunkard’s path.  And those points?   Grandma worked hard on this!

Back to the yellow…there are many vintage quilts that are yellow-partly or mainly.  Here’s a few samples.

Telluride Museum quilt

Telluride Museum quilt

Here’s a bright yellow and white quilt from the Telluride Historical Museum.

And an Irish Chain in yellow and white.

Irish Chain

Irish Chain




Moya's quilt section

Moya’s quilt section



My grandmother made a quilt in gold, blue and white…see the rotting fabric?  Very vintage!



Then it occurs to me…the yellows that I get from my backyard leaves and flowers?  That’s the color in these vintage quilts.  My yellow experiments share that history!

Yellow dyes

Yellow dyes



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