Indigo Dyeing

What fun…a day of indigo dyeing!!  Cathie is planning a series of woven blankets…warped in indigo-dyed cotton and woven in natural cotton.  All organic cotton.  So, when I offered to show her how to do a sustainable indigo pot, she leapt at the chance!!

Cathie's indigo

Cathie’s indigo

Cathie arrived this morning with over-ripe bananas and pears (and a bunch of other items on the “laundry” list.  We boiled the fruit to get natural fructose and added to that pickling lime and the indigo powder, itself.  That’s the Garcia 1-2-3 indigo pot!

We let the mixture sit for a bit…waiting for the bubbles to appear.  In the meantime, we started to do some dyeing on my 10-month old indigo pot.  And, I crossed my fingers and toes wondering if the magic would work a second time.  AND IT DID!!  We got wonderful color from the new pot.

Dye variations and skein

Dye variations and skein

Here’s some of our results:

These are Cathie’s samples, with varying number of dips.  Note the labels sewn on.  And, you’re not seeing it, but there’s a notebook with a recording of each sample. Check out the 6-dip piece on the right.  And the skein.  Lovely!!

Indigo patterning

Indigo patterning

And my samples…one is shibori-fold over honey suckle.  And, the second one in is MY 6-dip.  Might be time to give my pot a special kick in the…indigo color!  And, I can say for sure…there’s not a label, nor a notebook listing on my side of the line!!

That old saying–watch one (last summer with Michel Garcia) do one (last fall–my first pot) and teach one.  Wahoo, it worked!!


3 thoughts on “Indigo Dyeing

  1. What fun, Moya! I plan on scouring the rest of the cotton skeins today and going for it and dyeing the rest of the skeins in the next week in this Indigo Vat! I took a look at the vat this a.m. and it’s a blooming, too cool. thanks so much for such a great day, I learned so much! So happy with the results, I think Happy was pleased to help too!

    • It was great fun. And you’re right, Happy enjoyed it…and reallllly enjoys that you realized that it is all about HER!! I took a look at my vat and added a 1-2-3 addition to it. I want your dark blues!

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