Redux Honeysuckle and indigo

Sleeping sacks for my nieces!!  Mosts sleeping sacks are made of fleece for the warmth.  But I had a piece of cotton knit and that was preferable

Honeysuckle & indigo 2a

Honeysuckle & indigo 2b

for me, because I can comfortably dye cotton.  It’s springtime and I’m revisiting the dyes that I used last summer like honeysuckle, with indigo.   My other attempt with this combination was horrid (  Upcycled sweaters that I call “Call the Midwife nappies!”)

This honeysuckle was picked from the new spring growth and it dyed my sample as deep golden as the previous dye pot.  But this time, I started by dyeing the fabric in indigo.  Just one 30 second dip, from my sustainable indigo pot.  It was a medium blue…just what I wanted.  Next I mordanted the fabric and then I shibori-triangle-folded it and over-dyed it with the honeysuckle.  Some blue was retained.  Some green.  Some yellow.  Much nicer than the “Midwife” sweaters!

I won’t take credit for the polka dot sleeves–they were pieced from the fleece leftovers!!


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