Dandelions, marigolds and printing

Learning another chapter from Michel Garcia…I’ve been printing using backyard dyes.  The printing process requires the application of mordant-liquid to fabric.  Then the whole piece is dipped in the natural dye decoction.  It’s taken some tries, but I’m making some progress!!  On the left is a shibori-fold dyed with dandelion and indigo.  And, on the right the fabric was painted and then dyed with marigold and dandelion dyes.

Dandelion dyeing

Dandelion dyeing

The mordant liquid is a combination of lime, vinegar, alum, guar gum and ferrous sulfate.  I’ve been studying the DVD (http://shop.yoshikowada.com/Library/dvd-s). My first stumble was “lime.”  I knew it wasn’t a fruit, but a white powder.  And, after shopping my local garden store and a box store, I found hydrated lime.  I found it’s a matter of timing, as you combine acidic vinegar with “base” lime.  And, then add the right amount of gum so, you don’t have a runny mess.

I used two different mordants…one has ferrous sulfate and the other has alum.  Then I mixed the two to give the color gradations from gold to green/brown.

Here’s some of the on-the-way efforts.  Using the wrong lime.  And, not letting the acid and base de-bubble.  Not having enough guar gum.  Using the wrong alum.  Go to Michel’s DVD for the directions.  I can show you the early results and tell you all the things that I did incorrectly!!

Learning to print using marigolds and dandelions

Learning to print using marigolds and dandelions

For the shibori, I’ve been learning from Ana Lisa Hedstrom’s Arashi Shibori (http://shop.yoshikowada.com/Library/dvd-s).  The dandelions are newly picked and the marigolds are saved from last summer.

Happy likes the banners, too!

Happy likes the banners, too!

Happy just has to get in the photos.  I lined up my banners and she came running right over.  Was it the banners?  Or the treats?  Or she was just glad to see me!!


One thought on “Dandelions, marigolds and printing

  1. Assuming the guar gum is the thickener. Think I’m going to have to try that with some refined pigments I have to keep them from spreading… Thanks for the update on your Garcia learnings!

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