Madder Springs

Yippee!!  The madder that I planted last year is making a reappearance.  The color comes from the madder root; it takes 4 years to mature for a dye pot.  Like the pig and bacon, the madder gives its all to the dye effort!

Madder--second year

Like the Slow Food Movement…this little one can’t be rushed.  But it’s worth the wait…here’s jacket that I dyed, using madder.

Madder Jacket

Madder Jacket


Back of the jacket

Back of the jacket



2 thoughts on “Madder Springs

  1. I have madder envy.
    The gals are returning to swannee this june, minus me. I got the keys to a 1400 sq ft studio this week that I will share with 2 other fiber freaks.

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