Safflower and Alkanet

Red in the backyard!!  I used a couple other red/pinks.  The first was safflower which looks a lot like a thistle and needs a bit of coaxing.  But, it gives a lovely pink/coral.  Here’s safflower with indigo on a silk scarf.  You use cotton to attract the dye, then it releases on the silk.  It’s not stable (neither light nor wash fast) but I love the color.  I have safflower seeds starting…we’ll see how they grow in my garden.

Safflower with indigo

Safflower with indigo

And, alkanet…using shibori spider ties, I put alkanet on this t-shirt.  The rest of the story is my first effort…I put safflower on the tshirt, first.  (I had to get something girly after my “Call the Midwife nappies”)  And it was a fun girly pink.  But, when I washed it…right down the drain!  So, I re-dyed with alkanet…which is also known as bugloss!!  (And, yes, I have seeds planted of alkanet, too!)

Alkanet and indigo

Alkanet and indigo

Don’t know how girly Riley and Holland will be…there not even a year, yet.  Will the frills help?  The letters will help ME distinguish my adorable twin great nieces!




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