Honeysuckle and indigo

This is a mixed bag…on the one hand and the other…

This pair of sweaters are for my great nieces–both upcycled.

Honeysuckle bush and indigo

Honeysuckle bush and indigo

I used honeysuckle bush leaves that I had dried last fall to get the golden under color.  Parts of the tops were shibori tied.  Then I dipped them into the indigo pot.

So, the success was the pattern–I like the spidery shibori patterns.   And, I’m pleased that I was able to dry leaves and save them into the winter.  And, the indigo pot is the one I started last fall.  Periodically, I’ve added some fruit juice, or fructose, or pickling lime, soda ash and citric acid.  I monitor the ph level and one time I added more indigo.    It’s doing well.

The not-so-successful was the color.  I’m working on combining colors by over-dyeing.  I like the green-blue that I got, but I think it’s a little dark for youngsters.  Ah well…these are the disposable shirts for making mud pies!


3 thoughts on “Honeysuckle and indigo

  1. You say you used honeysuckle leaves but labeled the image as willow… And we’re they honeysuckle VINE or BUSH? Thanks for posting your results! I did weekend dying on papers…

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