It’s been a long time since I’ve done a post.  Feels like a winter hibernation.  November was spent on our Weavers Guild Sale…I was pleased that many of my dyed scarves found a new home.  Including some natural dyed ones–inspires me to keep at it.

Pomegranate rind

Pomegranate rind

In December, a friend recommended the new Michel Garcia DVD, “Colors of the Americas”.  It’s great…get it!!  The focus is on natural dyes from Mexico and sustainable dyeing methods.

One of the dyes that Michel used was pomegranate.  It’s the rind that has the color.  Fortuitously, I had purchased some pomegranates…they were bruised, but still good to eat and to dye!!  So I scooped out the fruit and set aside the rind.  Here’s the dye that I applied to some silk scarves.  The pomegranates gives a lovely gold/yellow.  This is step one…next I’ll be doing some arashi shibori and applying madder and indigo.

Christmas tree ornaments

Christmas tree ornaments

And, in December, I decorated an outside tree with big ornaments.  I blew up balloons and papier-mached them.  Then I dyed fabric for a covering.  So, the good news is they aren’t electric lights.  The bad news is that I didn’t use natural dyes…it was comfortable to pull out the MX dyes to get the bright Christmas red and green.  One of my neighbors observed my tree, and said, “Of course, you would tie-dye Christmas ornaments.”


2 thoughts on “Pomegranates

  1. I think that we are all in ‘hibernation’ mode….. it IS winter after all!
    Congratulations on your sales!
    Seeing your scarf with the pomegranate dye makes me wish that I had saved all of the skins from my fruit….. I just gorged on the fruit and tossed the skins into the compost. Next year I will save them all!
    Oh… and thanks for the ‘heads up’ about the DVD…. I’ll have to try and acquire it!
    Happy New Year!

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