I’m just mad about madder

So, I’ve been humming a tune…and with all due respect to Harry…I’m just mad about madder and madder’s mad about me!!  (Now, try and get that tune out of YOUR head!)

Madder Jacket

I started with a light weight cotton…almost gauze, but not quite.  I took a length and folded and then it pressed between wood.  Then I dipped it in strong madder.  I dipped several other pieces…and, when the madder was almost used up, I dipped a larger piece of the gauze-like cotton for  a solid go-with piece.  I over dyed the solid piece in a gold dye bath (marigold and coreopsis) to give the solid more contrast.  And,  I dipped folded piece briefly in the gold dye bath–to calm down the white.

I was inspired by a blog buddy (Trembling inside the Cocoon) to stitch up my dyed pieces into a jacket.  The shibori-folded piece is a knock-out, (no modesty here!! 🙂 )and gives the front a mirror look.

Back of the jacket

I used some of the other madder dips to make up the back.  In my next life, I’ll really plan all the details of a project and dye enough of the complementary fabric. But, in this life, I’m a quilter; I pieced together other madder dyed fabric (cotton sateen is darker and rayon is lighter; lighter because it was a late dip in the madder pot!)  The darker plant that’s sitting on the right–that’s the marigold that has contributed to my pots!

Madder/Indigo onesie

My OTHER madder project was a onesie sweater.   I dipped the sweater into my strong madder bath.   Then I did some stitching and used plastic to control what would dye and what would not.  And, dipped it in my indigo bath.

Back of the sweater

That put contrasting color “slices”  down the fronts and at the top of the back.  And, a nice sunrise on the back!


3 thoughts on “I’m just mad about madder

  1. WOW!!!
    Your jacket is absolutely stunning! A ‘knock-out’ to be sure……
    And that sunrise on the back of the onesie sweater is spectacular!
    Ahhhh….. now I want to stay home and dye, instead of heading to work. You have inspired me!
    But at least I’ll head to work with a happy tune in my head….. “I’m just mad about madder…”

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