Willow Bark

Shibori fold with willow and indigo

Lots of experiments with willow have given me a new appreciation of the potential of bark for dye material.  Takes a bit longer, but the deep rose tan from willow is worth it!

This is rayon, dip dyed with willow twig decoction and then folded and dyed in indigo.

Plaid using willow, yellow and ind

Layering on different dyes give a plaid effect.  I started with a fold and dipped in indigo.  Then I over-dyed with backyard yellow.  The next layer is a fold and then dip in the willow pot.

The fabric was first treated with aluminum acetate.

Backyard yellow dye, then shibori stitched and folded and overdyed with willow twigs.

Here’s a more whimsical stitch and fold.  The fabric was treated with aluminum acetate and dyed with backyard yellow.

Then it was shibori stitched and scrunched and dipped in willow.


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