Achiote and Fountain Grass

Red is the challenge for my backyard foraging.  So, this is a cheat since I foraged this dye in my grocery store!!

Achiote or annatto seeds

Dried achiote or annatto seeds are sold in the Mexican section of my store.  The color is a lovely golden orangey-yellow.  But there’s a turpentine-like smell when it heats.   NIce color, bad smell.

Fountain Grass

And, this was a big surprise.  I love ornamental grass.  It’s carefree and looks good throughout the year.  To say that there’s not much color is an understatement.  I picked the “seed heads” from some pennisetum alopecuroides.  Looking closely at them, I can see that the small tips are a bit purple.  But, they look off-white/tan.  When I dyed with them, I got the same green that I observed in Fountain Grass.



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