YAYAYAY Indigo!!

The short story is…MY INDIGO bath has come to life.  WAHOO!!  And, I used it to make a couple onesies …one started with fustic (golden brown) and the other with honey suckle (backyard yellow).

Fustic then tied and overdyed with indigo.

Dyed with honey suckle (backyard yellow) then tied and overdyed with indigo.

The long story is that my mystical fruit-syrup based indigo pot went dimmer and dimmer. And, try as I might, it wouldn’t come to life.  I added lime.  I added henna.  I added indigo.  It got lighter.  It got gray.  There was no flower.  There wasn’t a bit of lovely coppery scum. Finally, I checked with online sources,  YUP, I googled indigo. And, found, check the PH.  It had gone too acid.  So, I added soda ash, and got the PH up and there was COLOR.  WAHOO!!

I have swatches of many dye tests…here are my indigo swatches!

Indigo swatches as the pot came back to life!


One thought on “YAYAYAY Indigo!!

  1. I keep forgetting about onesies! Need to dye some up before the grandkids are too old to use them. Congrats on the indigo pot – something I’ve never tried to do.

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