Hydrangea and Walking stick

I’m pretty excited about using backyard dye materials.  So, my friend Justin offered me his hydrangea blooms.  The deadheaded blooms.  Great!!  I took them and put them out to dry, but I set aside a bloom to test and show the color.

So, I made up a decoction from a flowers from Justin’s hydrangeas (based on the flower, it’s a “conventional hydrangea” not an oak leaf hydrangea.)  The color was tannish…not the bright gold yellow that I had gotten before.

Top: Justin’s hydrangea; Lower left: Oak leaf hydrangea (OLH), greener deadhead. Lower right: OLH brown deadhead.

So, I made up a test from MY oak leaf hydrangea bush (check out my blog’s heading picture…it’s the bush on the left.)  Good strong color.  Then for fun, I did another with a browned deadhead…not so strong.


Walking stick 

For fun, I tried another pair of leaves… mulberry(that weedy tree that you don’t want by your laundry line…the birds will eat the blue berries and recycle them on anything, including your newly washed knickers!) and Harry Lauder’s walking stick.



Lots of yellows in these leaves.  Some more golden than others. I’m not a scientist and don’t want to take that approach, but it makes me wonder.  Coincidentally, I had some aluminum acetate solution that I had set aside for a bit and the solution turned yellowy.  Maybe the yellow-gold from the leaves is aluminum or something that reacts with aluminum.


One thought on “Hydrangea and Walking stick

  1. The mulberry made a nice yellow!
    I have a huge old mulberry tree in my back yard (right by my laundry line 🙂 ……. I know the wonderful spots left on clean clothes by our feathered friends!) Maybe I’ll give it a try! Thanks!

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