Black Walnut/Locust and Indigo Yarn

With black walnut, black locust and indigo, I space-dyed this skein of cotton yarn.

Golden, green and indigo yarn

Starting with an ikat-resisted (plastic bags and string) skein,  I dipped in a pot of black locust leaf decoction which dyed a  yellow section.  (I call it “backyard yellow!”)  Then I changed the resisted sections and dipped  in a black walnut leaf decoction. The black walnut gives a darker more golden version of “backyard yellow.”  One section was left undyed.  I took off the plastic and rinsed the yarn.  Then I dipped sections one or more times in indigo.  Originally, I thought that I would tie up sections for the indigo dips, but I found that I could control the dipping by holding.  The pre-dyed sections went to shades of gold and green.  The unpre-dyed section went blue.

Oh, one more thing…the yarn is ORGANIC cotton.  Backyard dyes, indigo and organic cotton…that would be the sustainable dyeing trifecta!!


One thought on “Black Walnut/Locust and Indigo Yarn

  1. I had really mixed results with black walnut hull dye. It wasn’t a total tragedy but definitely something I’ll try again. It didn’t go to waste though,. You can reduce it down to an ink, filter it through a coffee filter, add about 10% denatured alcohol to aid dry time and lengthen shelf life. I even gave some to a friend who was going to use it as a wood stain!

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