Backyard farming and dyeing

Yesterday friends sent me a photo of THEIR harvest…

Barb and Kimberley’s edible harvest

My harvest is a little different.  I’m gathering leaves from nearby trees.  Some go right into a dye pot.  Others are drying so they can be used this winter.  White ash for a tannin pre-dip.  Black walnut for a golden “backyard yellow.”  And marigolds and coreopsis for a wonderful orangey gold.

And, I’ve planted a few plants  that are just for dyeing…I have madder plants.  And, I just set seeds of alkanet, St. John’s Wort and woodruff.  The last three came from an online herbalist…they should give a red color.  Time will tell.

It’s ironic that my friends sent me a picture of their RED harvest.  That’s the color that I haven’t found locally.  Lots of yellow.  Indigo works beautifully for blues.  But red?  So, far that comes from far-faraway backyard.

What garden can be complete without tomatoes…I do have those, too.  My cherry tomatoes have ripened.  But somehow those tomatoes never make it into the kitchen!!


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