Tannin test…later

It’s been 6 days since I boldly hung out the tannined samples to test them for lightfastness. It’s been hot (which shouldn’t make any difference) and brightly sunny.  It rained today, so I pulled them in and I’ll call the test complete.

Left: Honey suckle; Middle: Gall nut; Right: white ash.  The large sample hung outside and the small strip (placed on top) was kept inside.

The original picture is on the Light Fastness Post.

I must admit that I really wanted to wrap up the test…the colors started so nice and bright and even at best, they were going to dim.  Although all of them did fade,  I think that the Gall nut did maintain it’s color the best.   I have to conclude that any fabric color will fade given enough time and light.


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