Madder, Marigold and another Lichen sample

I’m loving the color sampling…some results are in my sample book.  But, these samples had to be shared.

For those who know me well, YES, I’m keeping samples.  I’m notorious for doing stuff (weaving, knitting, quilting…you name it) once and moving on.  But, here I’m keeping samples, doing tests.  Not exactly to be able to reproduce, but as a record of what I’m doing.

Marigold, Madder, Lichen2

Marigolds…in my backyard.  GROW MORE!!  Even better than coreopsis.  Marigolds are too wonderful.  A great deep gold.

Madder is a good red–the color comes from the roots.  I have them growing in my backyard…now I just have to wait the obligatory FOUR years.  This madder was purchased.

And, another lichen.  At first, I totally blew this one off.  Not so much color, but a nice light tan.


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