Tannin Test Update

Day 4 of the tannin test.  The fabrics are out on the line and the sun has been shining every day.  I’m trying to ignore them…in a week I’ll compare the sun baked fabric to the pieces that are inside.

Tannin test day4

Even though it’s hotter than…use your own metaphor…I’m anticipating the winter.  How will I dye when the trees and plants are dormant?  So, I’m setting aside plant material and drying it.  And, testing to see if the dried material has as much color as the fresh.  To my dismay, I noticed a big difference. And, a big difference in what I picked fresh this week compared to last week.  What the what?

So, I started over with new fabric, and new aluminum acetate.  And, I got good color.  Hummmm.  Does the alum acetate get old?  Lose it’s acidity and effectiveness?


One thought on “Tannin Test Update

  1. Lots of chemicals do lose effectiveness over time and sometimes with heat. You might try keeping it in the fridge. Or find a chemist and ask!

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