Wouldn’t it be fun if…

A wool and silk blend scarf…I started with a dip in coreopsis.  Then I over dyed it with indigo…nice shades of green.  I dipped it in the indigo bath three times…there are depths of colors from the repetitive dips.

And, bonuses…a picture of Happy.  My companion as I forage for natural materials. My hummer buddies have learned to ignore the waving things that show up near their feeder!

My first title for this post was the good, the bad and the ugly.  I’ve been working on this series of scarves, but not sharing them.  It’s a challenge when projects don’t work out as imagined.

Ferrous sulfate with natural dyes.

Having worked a bit with ferrous sulfate and gotten a nice black, I thought of over-dyeing natural dyes with ferrous sulfate.  The first efforts went black-black-black. The right and mid scarves were first dipped in natural dyes. Right: cochineal and mid: coreopsis.  Then over dyed by pole wrapping and painting on ferrous sulfate. These first two are quite dark.

So, I reversed the process and put on ferrous sulfate first (pole-wrap), then dipped in coreopsis.  At first it was a nice gold, with dark lines.  With a bit of time, the gold disappeared and it became shades of brown.  I think the iron over-powered.  Then I over-dyed in indigo to get some intermediate colors.


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