Out for a walk with my dog, Happy, I found some roadside weeds called Ironweed.

Ironweed is a lovely ditch flower.  It can grow from a few feet to so tall that it is over one’s head.  Many flowers have a name that’s meaningful…why IRONweed??  So, I picked some stalks and made two decoctions.  One with the flowers and one with the leaves.

At first, I dismissed them as nondescript.  I’ll stick with that for the leaves swatch.  But, the flower swatch is interesting.  It’s light, but an interesting shade of green, like that light shade of chinese porcelain.


3 thoughts on “Ironweed

  1. Moya – have you been doing any of your decoctions with purified water? You might have something in YOUR water keeping the colors muted. Just a thought. A lot of the naturals give minimum color anyway.

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