Light fastness test

Pondering tannin in my backyard.  Tannin gives natural dyed pieces light fastness.  I’ve done tests with ferrous sulfates and have found that  white ash turns nice and black with an application of ferrous sulfate.  Just like Gall nut.  So, that’s a confirmation of tannin.  Honey suckle didn’t go as nicely black.  Black walnut turns to a lovely black.

Left: White ash. Middle: Honey Suckle. Right: Gall nut. Dyed with cochineal.

All four take on varying shades of color when they are dipped in aluminum acetate.  Black walnut turns a lovely almost golden yellow…nice, but it would interfere with the dyed color.  White ash turns a bit yellow.  Honey suckle goes deep yellow…but it doesn’t seem to have much tannin.  Gall nut is a bit tan…nice (non) color.

The whole reason to test for tannin is to get some light fastness.  So, now, I’m testing for that.  I started with the tannin dip.  Then dipped in alum acetate.  Then I dyed them in cochineal.  I’ve clipped off “control” pieces.  The rest will hang in the sun and periodically I’ll compare them to the control pieces.

Don’t know how the test will turn out…but today they are like lovely shades of sherbet!!  It’s SOOOO hot today that sherbet is extra attractive!!


2 thoughts on “Light fastness test

  1. Really interesting experiment ! Have you done a lightfastness test on al acetate only?
    The home lightfastness test I use is one month in south facing window with a control of indigo dyed cloth whcih barely fades in that time so all my lghtfastness tests are standard against that (in Theory anyway I am not very methodical ! ) I look forward to the results.
    best wishes Helen Melvin

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