Two more tannin tests

What else?  How about white ash?  It’s in my back yard and it has a compound leaf like the walnut.  Sounds silly…like the nut analysis.  But, on the one hand, I’m told that tannin is present in many plants.  But, I’ve been directed to only two (gall and sumac) to use for dyeing.

White ash

The black is good and strong.  The white ash decoction, with alum acetate gives the backyard-yellow, but not as strong as the black walnut.

Next, for fun, I tried Honey Suckle.  It’s a nasty, invasive weed bush/tree around here.  What a benefit, if it had a dyeing use.  Might help to get rid to it!!  Weeding it?…it’s virtually impossible to eradicate!!

Honey suckle

What a surprise, it has a strong backyard yellow…not so strong in the tannin-black.



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