I’m going to change gears a bit.  Michel (that’s Michel Garcia who’s my major source of information) says that tannin/a tannin dip is critical to get light fastness.

So, the challenge is this…if I can find dyes in the backyard, how about tannins.  My jar of Gall Nut tannin works beautifully, but my jar is getting depleted.  Tannins are in many plants, are any in my backyard?

I learned that another good source is sumac…but I haven’t found a good site.  Although I know that they are a rampant weed.  What about other plants?

Tannin in contact with ferrous sulfate results in black.  So, that will be my test.  Here’s my baseline…ferrous sulfate with Gall Nut tannin.

Gall nut (tannin) with ferrous sulfate

I got some different colors because I re-dipped.  The first dipping was too rusty looking, so I re-dipped in the tannin and the fabric got blacker.


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