Other tannins, in my backyard

My first test was black walnut…maybe it will have tannin because there are nuts, like oaks (source of gall nuts).  I used the leaves of the black walnut tree–I set aside the walnuts which are immature at this point and I know will give a dark brown/black.

Left black walnut as tannin, with alum acetate. Mid black walnut as tannin with ferrous sulfate. Right…no tannin…only ferrous sulfate.

I was most impressed with the black of the black walnut as tannin sample.  (In the middle)  It was a stronger black than the gall nut.  For fun, I dipped a sample in both tannin and aluminum acetate.  Wowser…check out the yellow.  And, as another control, the right hand one is ferrous sulfate only.  Just rust color.

Questions that I have out of this test…what is giving the yellow?  It happens in the presence of aluminum acetate and seems to be the prevalent color of my backyard tests.


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