Onesies for my great nieces

Big step here to little clothing.  I’m advancing beyond my small swatches to dye onesies for my great nieces…Holland and Riley.  The nieces were born during the Garcia Workshop so it makes sense that they should get my first effort.

Backyard dyed and shibori patterned.

The garments are cotton blanks…for 18-month olds…so, it’ll be a long time before they fit.  The patterning is shibori…stitched or pole wrapped.  All three have indigo…from my first natural pot…made of indigo, fruit syrup, henna and pickling lime.  (That’s a big change from using lye or thiourea dioxide.)  The pink/purply one is over-dyed with cochineal.  That’s a bug that’s picked from a particular cactus.  Much cochineal comes from Mexico…one particular bug batch was used to dye British army clothing–hence the name, red coats.

The deeper gold comes from coreopsis and marigold…from my backyard well some from my neighbors’ deadheaded blooms!!  And the lighter yellow comes from a tree’s (black locust) leaves.


3 thoughts on “Onesies for my great nieces

  1. not only cute and adorable, but natural and sustainable as well! Nice work, Moya. You are always on the cutting edge. Your great nieces will surely look adorable in them.

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