Penstemon and Wild Carrot–it gets better

Moving around the back yard, I plucked a bunch of Penstemon blooms. This plant has a white flower…with a lovely green/purple leaf. What a turn…I GOT COLOR. Not the ultimate color, but it’s yellowy (B)…and with tannin(C), it’s a bit darker.


The big surprise? Wild Carrot (Queen Anne’s Lace.) This is pretty (for a weed) plant that you see in unmown areas…all over. It has flat flowers, with lots of small blooms. White. I didn’t expect much. I picked a few stalks. Wowser the color.

Wild Carrot, Queen Anne’s Lace

Yellow like this isn’t my favorite color…but it’s strong and right in the backyard. And, now I’m dreaming of an indigo pot. Dreaming of greens and anxious for my new tannin.


2 thoughts on “Penstemon and Wild Carrot–it gets better

  1. HI
    How did you process the flowers ? Pick off stem? soak , cook, how high temp how long…?
    or just a long soak.
    Lynn D

    • The Penstemon and Queen Anne’s Lace were done in separate batches. I collected leaf material as well as the flowers. The Penstemon flowers had dried up. I used enough water to cover and brought to a boil, then let them simmer for maybe 10 minutes. Until leaf material lost it’s fresh green color. Then I drained off the water. I put in my fabric (cotton, pretreated with aluminum acetate) and brought back to a simmer. I left the heat on for 10-15 minutes. Sometimes, I turn off the heat and let the fabric sit in the cooling water. I follow the same procedure for leaves or flowers. When I dyed with marigold I used fresh flowers–no leaves. For coreopsis I used deadheaded flowers–no leaves.

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