Day Lily 2 (yellow) and Purple Perennial Salvia

On I push…feels like slogging.  I tried another set of day lily flowers…there were yellow and some gold ones from a “Ditch Day Lily.”  (Yes, that’s an accepted name…you know the kind…you see them growing in the ditch or in abandoned areas.)

And, I used some purple perennial salvia.  These plants grow spikes of flowers…probably not much plant/dye material.

I figure I’d better write about the plants because the dye results are very poor.  Part of what I learned from Michel Garcia is to have an open mind and to experiment.  And, he taught us to use a generalized approach…treat the fabric once and then apply different dye material.  IN SMALL BATCHES.  Small collections of plant material.  Small pieces of fabric.

Day Lily…yellow and orange (ditch)

Purple Perennial Salvia

The salvia gave some color. Not much. It's tested...move on to the next!! The Day Lily also gave some color. Not the yellow of the plants but a grey that's like the other Day Lily, but paler. I think that the color actually is from iron. (Maybe the plant accumulates it??) Made me look at my other Day Lily's not blueish, that's grey...iron, not Day Lily color!


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